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Luxury Balloon & Backdrop Design 

Servicing Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Beyond

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Polished Event Design

specializes in:

  • Lux organic balloon décor

  • Customized backdrop designs and personalized setups based on your theme and color palette

  • Modern backdrops & select décor rentals

Every event should have a focal point. Perhaps that may be a lavish balloon garland welcoming guests for a dinner party or a customized backdrop that embraces your theme. Well thought out details are pivotal for both grand and intimate events.

Your event should be designed to feel elegant, fun, and “Polished”. Balloon Décor and backdrops can transform any event or atmosphere, offering a modern display of art and beauty. I work with clients to transform ideas into reality based on your color palette and theme.

If you are looking to host an event, allow Polished Event Design to help plan your special occasion. I am confident I can take part in creating a beautiful event for you and your guests.



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